HowToPlayAnySong.com is dedicated to bringing high quality music education to the internet. We are constantly adding more content to our site and are working to bring more guitar, drums, bass, vocal, and piano tutorials. HTPAS viewers are largely influenced by the equipment our teachers use and the advertisers we promote.


“What kind of guitar is that?”

“What kind of strings do you recommend?”

“What amp do you use to get that sound?”

“Where do I go to get a good deal on a drum kit?”


These are the types of questions we receive on a daily basis and we’d love to be able to recommend your company as an advertiser, partner, or affiliate.


HTPAS has a strong team of educators including Joe Wiles, whose guitar tutorial viewership on YouTube alone has reached over 24 million (10/09). He’s the founder of the Rock n’ Roll Conservatory and is highly sought after as a teacher, mentor, and Indie music producer.


Want Global Branding?


You’ve come to the right place. Our viewers come from over 160 countries around the globe. Here are some facts about our traffic and demographics:


– 85% Male

– 15% Female

– 9% 55+

– 28% 45-54

– 18% 35-44

– 10% 25-34

– 12% 18-24

–  23% 13-17

– Visitors from the top 5 countries are: 1. US, 2. UK, 3. Germany, 4. Canada, 5. France

– Wallet ready and seeking product recommendations


Sponsorship Opportunities


We are currently seeking sponsors to help increase content production and application development so we can spread our content to multiple devices and formats.

We also offer premium advertising to our niche audience for competitive CPM rates.


If you’d like to advertise with us, please fill out the information on our contact page and one of our team members will get back to you promptly.